The most expensive homes for sale in Detroit, mapped

For the latest update of our most expensive listings in Detroit, we’re finding some new options in familiar neighborhoods. Once again, a mega-mansion on Sand Bar Lane takes the top spot, with some old school mansions in Indian Village and Boston Edison also represented.

We didn’t include the top listing in Detroit, which isn’t exactly a house someone would move into. It’s the holdout house by the Little Caesars Arena, which is technically listed under “land for sale” at $4,999,999.

We also didn’t include any condos that aren’t actually ready yet. Many listings from City Modern, Cass + York, and the Saint Charles Residences would also come in on our list if we included them (Note: The first phase of City Modern and the Saint Charles Residences will be available this year). Looking for a condo to move into right now? The Book Cadillac and Willys Overland Lofts have options on our map.

Links to the listing websites can be found underneath each photo.

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