Eccentric Lion Gate Estate includes statues, custom cars, carpeted ceiling

Source: Curbed Detroit

“Only shown on sunny days”

In Grixdale Farms, north of Highland Park and near the State Fairgrounds, a museum-like home—and everything in it—has just listed for sale. Where to start? Perhaps in the Liberace-inspired living room. Possibly in the nostalgic diner in the basement. Or maybe in the garage, where two custom-built cars were designed by the owner, a retired auto designer who’s owned the house since the early 1950s. The whole estate is for sale for $550,000.

In an ideal world, the new owner will preserve this estate and possibly turn it into a museum (admit it, you want to see this). The automotive artifacts alone would be worth the price of admission.

And since the house is called Lion Gate Estate, we can’t forget the lions.

Aside from the baby grand piano, original 1950s appliances, 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood Sedan, and 1974 Lincoln Mark IV Coupe, you’ll find a three bedroom, two full and two half bath house with a statue-filled backyard to match the interior. We’ve never seen anything like this house, and we hope it finds the right owner to carry on its style. It’s listed through Alex Lauer at Real Estate One. In a house like this, you’ll never feel alone. Enjoy the grand tour.

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