‘Secret Detroit’: Exploring the city’s history, art, and oddities

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The J.W. Westcott company uses a variety of ships to bring packages, medical equipment, and anything else passing sailors need to their ships straight from shore. 

Detroit is full of weird, historic, beautiful, and sometimes just unusual landmarks. A new book called Secret Detroit: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure takes the reader through 90 of these locations, including some familiar (the Dequindre Cut, Third Man Records Pressing Plant, the DIA) and some not-so-familiar (a Mortuary Science Museum, Missile System Towers). Author and journalist Karen Dybis shared some of her favorites with Curbed in a starter map.

Dybis actually started with a list of 150 places, and narrowed it down to 90 for the book. She took on the project after finishing her last book, The Witch of Delray. “I thought it would be fascinating to visit all the places I always say I’m going to visit,” she tells us. She wanted the book to include both locations for those new to Detroit and some spots that locals might not know. All locations are either free or low-cost, and for the most part accessible (except for some private residences).

For this map, we included some of our favorites (the floating post office, the odd bowling pin) and some of Karen’s picks that impressed her during the research process (the Tiffany glass, the McGhee house). This is just a small sampling of what’s in the book (remember this weird cow head building from 8 Mile? It’s in there, too). Go forth and explore!

Note: We’ve arranged the locations from the north, moving south, and then east to west, for an easy way to navigate.

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