Restore this Greek Revival home to its original grandeur, yours for $99K

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A duplex!

A few months ago, details around the doors of this Piety Hill home were stolen and ended up in a local antique store. Prior to this, neighbors had started boarding up the house, as it was exposed to the elements. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind home, or duplex to specify. The police have the details that were stolen, so the new owner should get those back. The house is now on the market, and asking $99,000.

We’ve debated the prices here for homes that need everything, and this is one of those homes. It’s been stripped of so much over the years. But the grand columns remain, framing oval windows and balconies that need doors. We even have the floor plans for this one, with the same layout on each side.


The duplex has four bedrooms and two baths on each side, with extra room on the third floor. The work needed will be extensive. We’re imagining what this might go for on the Land Bank auction; any thoughts on what it will go for as a listing? It’s located a block off of Woodward, a couple blocks from Boston-Edison. It’s listed through Hassan Scheib with Own It Realty.

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