12 developments set to transform Detroit

Source: Curbed Detroit

The future West Riverfront

There are development projects and then there are transformational projects—those that change how we live, work, play, and get around our city. We've mapped out 12 specific projects—either in progress or planned—that we think will be transformational to their neighborhoods at least, and possibly the city as a whole.

For this update, we’ve included both the East and West Riverfront plans, which will be transformational for the entire Riverwalk and the neighboring areas. New to the list is the Ford investment in Corktown and Michigan Central Station, which has already infused a lot of hope in the city. Since our last update, we’ve also had news about the State Fairgrounds, which the city has largely taken over. We’ve taken out the Herman Kiefer redevelopment for now, and hope to hear more concrete plans in the near future.

We’ve also included the Packard Plant, the largest renovation project in North America, that officially broke ground in May 2017 after years of planning. We’re also including a new bridge to Canada that will start construction eventually and open sometime in the next decade. Also on the list is the Hudson's site—with the tallest building in Detroit planned to open in 2023. Disagree with one of them? Did we forget something? Our comments are open!

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