Detroit’s most iconic buildings, mapped

Source: Curbed Detroit

The Penobscot Building

When you think of Detroit architecture, which buildings come to mind? Which are instantly recognizable? Which buildings stand out in the skyline? Which ones do visitors flock to? These might not be your favorite, or the most beautiful (or maybe they are), but they define a city.

Many of these buildings are heavily used (Cobo Center, the RenCen, the Detroit Institute of Arts), while others came back from the brink (Book Cadillac, the Fox Theatre, the Grand Army of the Republic Building), and others are going through a restoration (the Book Tower, the Packard Plant).

Some were obvious choices (the Fisher Building, the Guardian Building), while others were debated and left off the map. We chose not to add houses (the Turkel house, the Fisher mansion on Lenox); iconic homes of Detroit could be their own map. Or should they have been added?

Here are the 20 buildings we chose for this map of iconic buildings. Did we get it right? Which of your favorites did we leave out? Is there a smaller building that should be included? Should we add more? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Note: Buildings are listed from west to east.

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